Winter Actions(or lack therof)

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Winter Actions(or lack therof)

Post  Siggmund on Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:27 pm

Winter upon the Planet is a brutally cold endeavor. The local plantlife hibernates, the fauna move to the warmer areas of the seas, and the whole world becomes choked with a bitter, biting cold. Humans are hardy creatures, however, and have more than enough ways to get around little things like cold. However, this does come with a couple issues, as humans should generally bunker down during this time:

During Winter, the Allocate Projects Action may not be taken. Any projects started before winter continue progress throughout: however, the landscape is so greatly changed by the coming of winter that any attempt to begin construction on a permanent fixture will likely become a disaster when spring rolls around, and the land returns to normal.

Military units move at a Quarter of their speed during Winter.


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