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Generic Actions

Post  Siggmund on Sat Apr 11, 2009 5:34 pm

Okay, brace yourself: These next ones are kind of long.
One thing I did like about MD's system was the concept of seasons: different things could be achieved to different effect at different times. On this Brave New World, humanity is still going to be somewhat at the thrall of the moon's weather and seasons, so this may have an impact on when they do things.

During each of the seasons, you will have actions you can preform. Some Actions take one or more population units a set amount of time to complete. Occasionally, there will also be a cost. A cost is the number of resources that must be expended to perform this action. Typically, there is no limit on how many times these actions may be taken, apart from limitations in population, resources, and space.

Let us get started with some Generic Actions: These may be performed during any season.

Generic Actions:
  • Trade:
    Requirements: Established Trade Route
    If you have established trade with another faction by some means or another, this is effectively a free action you may take to share the agreed upon resources.
    Population Required: 0. Time Required: 1(Resources are not traded until the next season, effectively.)

  • Allocate Projects:
    One of the most important actions around. This action is how you allocate your population towards projects that will better humanity's life on this planet. These projects take on three forms:

    • Build Improvements: Build new roads, aqueducts, vaporators, and so on. See IMPROVEMENTS, below, for more information.

    • Build Strongholds: Build new Farms, Mines, Settlements, bunkers, and so on. See STRONGHOLDS, below, for more information.

    • Terraform Terrain: Using a variety of atmosphere scrubbers, fertilizers, enrichers, and gen-mod bacteria, this action allows you to convert terrain so that your workers can exploit it.
      Population Required: 2. Time Required: 1 year. Cost: 5 Carbon, 5 Food.
      NOTE: If the Terrain to be terraformed is adjacent to a Stronghold or a Road, decrease the Carbon needed to 3, the Food needed to 2, and the Time needed to 2 Seasons.

  • Survey Mineral deposit:
    This action allows you to look at the next layer of strata on a mineral deposit, in order to determine what minerals are deeper in the deposit.
    Population Required: 1. Time Required: 2 seasons.

  • Manufacture Items:
    Requirements: Varies, minimum one Settlement.
    Manufacturing Items is one of many vital uses of collected resources. From shotguns to tanks to luxury goods to spaceships to body armor to whatever. The specific requirements are covered by the item to be manufactured. However, one restriction that applies is that production may only be done inside of Settlements, and the size of the settlement effects how many population units may be tasked on production at one time.
    Initial Settlement: 1 Unit. City: 4 units. Metropolis: 8 units. See STRONGHOLDS, below, for more information.
    Population Required: Varies, Usually 1. Time Required: Varies.

  • Convert Materials:
    One of the technological marvels included on the Colony ships was a matter converter. These nifty items are highly useful, as they can convert typically inert matter into valuable fissionables.
    Population Required: 0. Time Required:0. Cost: A number of units of a single resource equaling one Fissionable unit in price. (I.e., 15 carbon units, 20 food, etc).

  • Disband Unit:
    Disbanding a military unit means that you no longer need to pay its upkeep. Next season, the unit will turn back into a population unit.

  • Train Unit:
    After a military unit has been created, you may use this action to train it: I.E., to increase the level of its troops. Each use of Train Unit increases the level of the unit by one. See MILITARY, below, for more information.
    Population Required: 0. Time Required: 1 year. Cost: .5 Fissionable Units.


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