Fall Actions

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Fall Actions

Post  Siggmund on Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:25 pm

Fall is when all the hard work of your population pays off: Resources from all your collections roll into the warehouses, and some real industry can begin: fall is the perfect time to begin the production of Manufactured items. In addition, Fall is when you divvy out how much of your newly collected food will go into food rations for your population.

    Required Actions:
  • Harvest Crops: Any resources you began collecting in spring are added to your current total with this required action.

  • Allocate Food:
    Your people need to eat; it's one of the basics of humanity. You will need one unit of food per unit of population you have in order to feed your people; this includes units currently in your military. If you do not have enough food, you are going to have a Shortage, which may negatively impact your population. If you have more than enough food, you can either allocate it to your population, creating a surplus, or you can store it for future use.


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