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Faction List

Post  Siggmund on Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:02 pm

What I'll need for each faction can be broken down as such:
The name of the Faction
A preferred color
The faction summarized

The Leader of the Faction
A blurb about the Leader
The Leader's Character Sheet(Lvl 10, 32 point buy)

The Leader of the Faction's Armed forces(if it comes to war, who'll do your fighting?)
A blurb about how your faction prefers to fight
A blurb about the Military Leader
The Leader's Character Sheet(Lvl 6, 32 point buy)

The Representative of the Faction's Civilian population.
A blurb about the faction's populace
A blurb about the faction's preferred method of government(Not necessarily a blurb, just a mention)
A blurb about the representative in question
The representatives Character Sheet(Lvl 6, 32 point buy)

Beyond this comes your special interest groups: In order to address the fact that in MD I was not always cognizant of whom I needed to keep track of in terms of bugging the leader, these people are going to be representatives of significant factions within your society, and whom your leader may need to appease or oppress as needed.
There should be a minimum of three of these: Although I place no absolute maximum, It is worth noting that far too many may be difficult to keep track of.

For each one, you should have:
The name of the Leader and a name for the Interest group:
A blurb about what the Interest group stands for
A blurb about the leader.
The Leader's Character sheet(Level 4, 28 point buy)

No, you don't have to have them immediately, just eventually. I know personally that scrounging together 6 characters at once could get a bit frustrating. Just add them when you have them.
On top of that, it's worth noting that many things that are assumed to not be kosher normally are okay for this game. For example, you may feel free to take the "Plus" feats in d20 future. Furthermore, the setting is soft-sci-fi enough to allow for Psionic characters, if anyone wishes to (Although not magic, sorry). Although equipment is not important at this point, consider TL 7 and down okay, generally. Lastly, things such as gene therapy and such do exist, so a character can take one minor mutation, provided that they pay it off. If it is somewhat weird to explain it biologically, please come up with some implant/cybernetic reason behind it.


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Re: Faction List

Post  Siggmund on Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:03 pm

Earth Sphere Alliance (ESA, Eee-Ess-Ay)
Color: Blue (Not dark, just blue blue)
The ESA is a large collection of many of the most prosperous and advanced nations on Earth, who initially banded together for the purpose of establishing the control that was needed to govern Sol, and now stays together in order to eventually reunite the warring factions of humanity.

Head of State: Captain Helena Andreysan

Cpt. Andreysan has had a long and distinguished career with the ESA. After graduating from Locksteed Military Academy with top marks, she was assigned to the Sargasso for her shakedown tour. During the tour, the Sargasso was attacked, and its bridge knocked out by a lucky shot. Taking the initiative, she rallied the remaining elements of the ship via a secondary command console, and eventually managed to escape the trap, dealing heavy losses to the raiders in the process. This action became one of the first of many displays of tactical brilliance that would round out her career.
When the Enoken invasion began, Cpt Andreysan was at the top of the list. It was not her battlefield record that made her the top candidate, but her psych evaluation: Helena is a patient, but iron-fisted commander. It is this impervious will and drive to succeed that the ESA hopes ensures that she will be able to take the stress and lateral thinking that will be required for the re-establishment of what could potentially be the very last of humanity. In all honesty, it is a post that she did not ask for, but it is her solemn duty to perform the task set before her. Although she steels herself for the difficulties she must face, and will not falter before them, she consoles herself with the knowledge that eventually she may step down as Expedition Head and leave the rule where it belongs: The people.

Head of Defense: Colonel Johann Brecht
In the ESA, ground combat tactics has evolved drastically since the first stages of the Civil War. Initial casualties were breathtaking: As the ESA was fighting a war on innumerable fronts, this can hardly be considered surprising, especially considering that the bulk of infantry combat required the liberation, and contention, of dense urban areas. In order to address this issue, along with the issue of casualties, the ESA sunk Trillions into the development of the All Purpose Hardened Infantry Defense Armor. The APHID was an outstanding success in terms of protecting infantry from small-arms fire: heavily reinforced, and supported by weight-bearing systems and strength enhancers, it made each infantryman near-impervious to conventional weapons. When backed up by Mobile Heavy Weapon Platforms, playfully nicknamed “Ladybugs” by the troops, which traded a degree of mobility and speed for arms and armor that would impress a light tank, but was still capable of climbing stairs, the ESA made stellar progress in the warfronts... at least, until someone came up with weapon technology that could threaten the APHID.

Brecht, who hails from Autfurt, Germany, has worked up through the ranks from an APHID of his own. He attained the rank of Colonel after a stellar action during the Eidolon campaign, but even he will admit that it was as many parts luck as leadership. However, Brecht was not the first choice for the Exodus project. Unfortunately, the appearance of the Enoken did not stem all Insurgent action, and a number of more suited individuals were killed in transit during a surprise thrust assault into ESA space. Johann is, by no means, ill-suited to the task ahead, however, but has expressed numerous concerns about the expedition's security: Not only is the ship's Mass Fabricator incapable of generating APHIDS and Ladybugs from the outset, but he has been given barely enough to outfit a police force, let alone a military. However, as projections put the chance of full-scale war from the outset at extremely low, his concerns have largely gone unhandled.

Head of the People: Rosalin Peachworth

The ESA is a Parliamentary Republic, with numerous small parties and factions, helping to unify the many diverse cultures and peoples that the ESA is comprised of. However, two of the parties are in the overwhelming majority: The Conservatives, and the Liberals. Backing fairly clear-cut positions, these two parties frequently do not see eye to eye. As, currently, the ESA has been under a Conservative majority, it made sense to send one of their number along: after all, even though at the outset they would not be in charge of the expedition. However, somewhere along the line, the will of the people will have to take the lead, and at that time, Rosalin will be ready to represent them.

Rosalin hails from the U.K., and is well known as a diplomat of incredible persuasion. Although by the time of the Exodus project, she was not old enough to run for Prime Minister, she hopes that by the time the colony is ready to begin governing itself once more, she will be able to take the torch and lead the remaining population of Earth to a glorious new age. Until that time, however, she will simply have to content herself with having the ear of the Captain, and steering her wherever possible towards policies that will support a Conservative future.

Interest groups:
Immanuel Ortega: Head of the Liberal Party
Much like his counterpart, Rosalin, Immanuel (“Manny”, to his friends) was ensured a spot upon the Exodus Project in order to ensure that the Liberal party would have a strong leader for the times ahead, and to make it absolutely clear that they would not be marginalized simply because the current parliament was predominantly Conservative. Ortega, who hails from Texico, is called a passionate speaker by his supporters and a rabble-rouser by his opposition: One thing is clear, he has a gift for moving the hearts of the people, a gift that may be invaluable in bringing the Captain over to his side, and ensure that this colony, the remnants of Earth, will prosper and flourish under a Liberal rule.

Rina Dorlan: Head of Sanctity.
During the Civil war, one person represented the center of opposition to the ESA's broad policy of colonial “Liberation”. Rina, who headed the Solar Peace Movement “Sanctity” is well known as a compassionate, but firm opposer of what she, and many others, perceive as a ham-fisted attempt to squelch all opposition to an Earth-centric “Empire”. She and her followers were both angry and fearful that the ESA's actions would lead only to a precedent for violent intolerance. Although never registered as a political party, her movement instead focused on gaining the hearts and minds of Earth's people, and convincing them to work together to stop this unilateral aggression on the part of their government. Rina is much beloved by her supporters: This is why she was granted a spot on the Exodus Project, as her supporters worked independent of her wishes to grant her such. After much convincing, she finally acquiesced to join the Expedition, and bring the message of peace to beyond the stars.

Herbert Hendrikson: Head of Sleipnir Enterprises
Sleipnir Enterprises, a starship focused corporation based on Earth, was actually the one contracted by the ESA to conduct the initial stages of the Exodus project. However, after the project was finished, its head researcher, claiming that it would be “incalculably dangerous to leave the fate of humanity in the hands of one people”, released their findings to the entirety of Sol. Eventually, they were tried and executed for treason. Sleipnir Enterprises, in the meantime, experienced a massive roller-coaster ride of profits and losses through this, before bottoming out at approximately 30% of their previous worth. Now divided amongst several different controlling bodies, the remnants of Sleipnir Enterprises is but a shell of its former self. When word got out, however, that the Exodus Project would be launching, it's CEO, Mr. Hendrikson, spent the last of his personal holdings and favors to ensure passage upon it. Mr. Hendrikson is an accomplished businessman, and wishes, in no uncertain terms, to reclaim his success in a brand new world, by whatever means necessary. Besides, who better to pay attention to than the man who orchestrated the reason the passengers are now all still alive...


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Re: Faction List

Post  Leethar on Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:46 pm

Randstadt's Irregulars:
Color: Olive

Captain D. Hale:
"Roger, Command. Auto sequencer start confirmed. Beginning pre-launch routines now. I... Hey! What the hell! Stop them! Stop the-!"

*Unidentified popping noise, possibly suppressed weapons fire*

Unidentified voice, possibly James Randstadt:
"Condor secured. Beginning phase two. Out."

-- Last official transmission of the DRV Destiny's March --

Originally an insurgency group under the oppressive government of the Democratic Republic of Venus, Randstadt's ragtag militia took their fate into their own hands. The government of the DRV was extremely totalitarian and genocidal, believing in a eugenics model. They sterilized or downright executed those who were "impure," and subjected these impure to horrific experiments. If anyone resisted, they came down with an iron fist. Randstadt and his group were the largest resistance on the planet, but even though Randstadt united a varied, experienced, and skilled group, they were fighting a losing war.

The irregulars were not just fighters in the woods. They had families, settlements, entire towns that were loyal to their cause. The DRV, lead by General Alec DerVanden, lead a bloody campaign against these "terrorists." Nerve gas and biological weapons were commonplace, and were used liberally. At the same time, the DRV staged attacks on civilians and blamed them on the Irregulars. It swiftly removed any public support they had.

With the threat of the Enoken looming, the DRV began to construct its own colony ship. In a desperate move, Randstadt organized one of the most desperate operations in human history. With only a few small arms, a handful of hackers, and skill, they simultaneously infiltrated both the ship itself and Mission Control on the ground on the very day of the launch of the ship. With strike team Beta forcing Mission Control to broadcast as if all was well, strike team Alpha aboard the ship guided it to a touch-down point, where the entire force of the Irregulars overpowered and captured the crew of the ship. The few remaining crew members where ejected from the ship were ejected, and the entire population of the Insurgency boarded the ship. As the members of strike team Beta died holding mission control to buy time, the Destiny's March streaked into the sky with a new mission: Escape.

Randstadt's Irregulars have little broad objective other than survival, though the numerous groups among them all have varying goals.

Head of State: James Randstadt

"Whatd'ya mean, this sucks? Hell, I wish it would suck more!"

James Randstadt, formerly a Corporal of the Earth Sphere Alliance Marine Expeditionary Unit, is an ex-special forces sniper. Upon being assigned a peace keeping patrol in the early days of the DRV, he and his unit stumbled upon a "liquidation facility." He was the only one to escape the ensuing ambush. The DRV staged a murder that was blamed on him, and he became a fugitive. Furious, he began Randstadt's milita, and eventually gathered together numerous like-minded groups from all over the planet.

Randstadt is something of a cowboy, but possesses a strange sort of inner strength that draws angry people towards him. He prefers living in as rough a situation as possible. He has been known to rant at length about the atrocities committed by the DRV, and has little patience for civility. He is a man of many convictions, and great skill. He respects strength, not physical strength, but strength of character and belief, as well as skill. Getting on his good side can provide a loyal ally indeed.

Randstadt's Irregulars used very good guerrilla tactics, for the most part. They hit strategic targets quickly and hard, and faded before anyone had a chance to respond. Stealth, demolitions, and sabotage were par for the course. They tended to rely on mobility and skill to fight. Namely, the greatest strength of the Irregulars is the Riflemen: Every Irregular is trained to hit a man-sized target at 500 meters, no ifs ands or buts about it. Since they often only had access to semi-automatic or bolt-action rifles in the beginning, these tactics served them well. When the ESA's APHIDs came in to quell the fighting on Venus, they adapted, using armor-piercing ammunition with a high degree of accuracy to penetrate APHID armor. Given the APHID's somewhat limited mobility, it made it highly difficult to engage the Irregulars. The Irregulars, however, were generally at a disadvantage in urban combat. This lead to something of a stalemate.

Head of Defense: Alex "Leaky" Dent

"Can't change the truth, Can't kill ideas, Can't stop the signal. Hack the world, man."

Bio: Alex Dent was one of the first members of Randstadt's Irregulars. At the time of the rise of the DRV, he was a computer science graduate student at the University of Venus. He was a dedicated hacker and freedom of information buff, so he was on the front lines of protest for the draconian information bans enacted by the DRV. He was rounded up due to his "Genetic defect" of haemophilia and brought to a processing center. He hacked their central computer and escaped, soon finding Randstadt and joining his new militia.

While Randstadt himself handles most tactics and combat, Leaky has a well-deserved reputation as Randstadt's eye in the sky. Leaky is a truly gifted hacker, with skill that most professional cyber-spies can barely match. He was instrumental in the planning and theft of the Destiny's March, as its computer security systems were extremely tight. Alex's computer skills have earned him a spot as Randstadt's right-hand man. He's closer involved in James' plans than anyone else.

Alex leads a somewhat loosely aligned network of hackers known as the "Dystopian Sno-Men." Back in the days of the resistance, the Sno-Men were instrumental in undermining the DRV's networks. They were essential in gathering intelligence, sowing misinformation among the DRV, sowing truth amongst the general populace, sabotage, and generally reducing the DRV's notable technological advantage. Unlike the rest of the Irregulars, this hacker group is not particularly organized. They generally take orders from Leaky, but have been known to act independently. Generally, they fiercely believe in freedom of information, but beyond that, their motives are varied.

Head of the People: Alya Moses

"Let's talk."

Bio: Alya Moses ran a small business manufacturing firearms at the time of the rise of the DRV. The DRV shut down her company immediately, but kept her in their employ. She received some genetic modification treatments and was given a place in public relations. She was given the task of counteracting Leaky's frequent "Free information" broadcasts, but the plan backfired. She defected, and became one of Randstadt's top public image experts.

Unlike the very rough around the edges Leaky and Randstadt, Moses is very cosmopolitan and clean cut. She is very attractive, dresses well, and speaks several languages fluently. She is also rather deadly with concealable small arms, as her previous job specialized in them. She has proved instrumental in coordinating the sometimes dissonant factions of the Irregulars, as well as bringing in people who would otherwise be simply executed.

Interest Groups:
The Displaced.
The displaced are a general group. They have no centralized leader, as they have no centralized function. They are the members of the Irregulars who could not function under the DRV, but could not directly support the Insurgency. They are average citizens who, through dissent, impurity, or simply bad luck, were marked for death or sterilization by the DRV. Many of them are only here because they have nowhere else to go. Many are gene modded, and are not quite ready for the difficult life ahead. However, they are grateful to be alive, and provide the bulk of the Irregular's skilled labor.

The Hardliners
Leader: Colin McCleary
The Hardiners are some of the most intense of the Irregular's members. They are largely made up of conservatives, highly devout religious figures, and hardcore survivalists and conspiracy theorists. Their support was vital for the Insurgency, as they had some of the best stockpiles of weapons, equipment, and supplies. Many of them are faithful members of the Irregulars, but some of them are a wee bit... Extreme. Years of resistance has left them paranoid, aggressive, and occasionally downright ruthless. Note that a large percentage of the Irregulars are religious. Only some fall into this group.

The Element
Leader: Yuri Yevgeni
To procure weapons, Randstadt had to associate with numerous... Criminal elements. A crime syndicate lead by arms dealer Yuri Yevgeni emerged, made up of gun runners, smugglers, thievery rings, and various other "entrepreneurs." Their efforts were vital to the survival of the Irregulars, so when they learned of the March Operation, they demanded they be brought along as well. Randstadt allowed this. They do not particularly want to be involved in violence. They want to profit and negotiate.

The Remnant
Leader: General Alec DerVanden
Not all members of the DRV were expelled. Some, such as the infamous war criminal General DerVanden, had contingency plans. It is not known how many members of the DRV remained on the ship, but it's sure that they were not all captured. Further, while most of the crew were either DRV Eugenicist Party members, or Military loyalists, there were a small number of civilians and support crew members. Many of them were not forced out. The Exodus was quick and sloppy, and many blended in to regular society. General DerVanden was caught, and is currently imprisoned in the brig of the Destiny's March. It is not known what the rest of the Remnant wish to do.

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Re: Faction List

Post  Siggmund on Mon Mar 30, 2009 8:41 pm

As a note to anyone considering...
As of now, much of Earth, Venus, Pluto, a large swathe of the Asteroid belt and Titan (of Saturn fame) have been claimed.


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Re: Faction List

Post  lurkerwisp on Mon Mar 30, 2009 11:00 pm

NAME: The Planetary Government of Pluto
COLOR: Light purple
SUMMARY: Antarctica, having grown to become a wealthy nation unto itself with the demise of Earth's ecosystems, was late to the race to colonize space. Because of this the closer planets were mostly claimed, comets, while minable were not practical for living on, and they truly wanted their own planet. After digging up some old textbooks, they found one. Unclaimed, unmined, and well out of the way, long ignored little Pluto was a perfect place for the previously unclaimed, unmined, and well out of the way Continental Government of Antarctica to settle.

The problem with Pluto was a problem of surface area. A permanent colony would soon be overcrowded. Thus, the CGA chose to create on Pluto a somewhat transient colony. Being so far from the sun, Pluto was in a unique position to be able to catch up with short period comets while they are still safe to mine. This requires much work, much calculation, and a population willing to live away from what is supposedly their home for long periods of time. On a comet's outward journey, a crew would be waiting to plant themselves and gather mineral resources from the comet for the many years that it took to turn and return to the orbital level of Pluto. After that, return to the planet and payment was simply a mater of circling back around to where its obit had taken it in the duration. This long term strategy worked well.

For a while.

The civil war severely damaged the ties between the CGA and her colony, but did not quite break them. Colonial Pluto saw their distant Antarctic masters as an island of glorious social graces. Their transient lifestyle and rough neighborhood led them to believe that they were the dirty shameful cousins to those still on Earth. The grand goal of most colonists was to earn passage back to Antarctica for a sophisticated education. Most never achieved this goal, and because travel back to Earth became more difficult as the civil war progressed, they instead founded their own university on Charon to educate themselves to the best of their ability in matters practical to living on the edge - largely navigation, mechanical engineering, waste processing, and life sciences. Meanwhile, it was unsafe to transport their resources back to Antarctica, and so stockpiled massive amounts of raw materials on the smaller moons, Nix and Hydra.

With their eyes constantly to the sky seeking comets to intercept and their precarious location on the far edge of the system, Antarctica's Pluto was able to catch some small forewarning of the attack of the Enoken. Unsure of what they were seeing, the data was sent back to Antarctica for further analysis. Months later, with the attack underway and many of their fellows beyond contact, they received the plans for the Exodus Project. With their vast stockpile of resources, their skilled shipbuilders and mechanics, and their hardy population very much used to long distance travel, the CGA thought them most suited to bring Antarctica into a new, safer future.

Pluto's colonists saw this as a great betrayal. They were to be shoved away and forgotten while the rest of the planets burned, having hardly realized where the CGA acquired the resources to fund its rather large military and extensive scientific studies. This was unacceptable. Their escape, they decided, would have to be grand. The CGA's policy of allowing colonial self-rule left few on the planet who would stand up for their viewpoint, and thus the radical Crossing Styx came to power mostly unopposed. As an organization, CS refused the CGA's perceived betrayal and sent a militant cell to kidnap a large number of Antarctic civilians they listed as important. Just under a hundred scientist, poets, artists, writers, and intellectuals were summarily stolen from Antarctica in what was called Operation Erinyes.

CS claimed the moral high ground, as the CGA would send them away, but they would not leave the CGA completely behind. In capturing these people, their tactics were brutal, and more were killed than captured. The CGA finally disinherited Pluto, truly rejecting its status as a colony and claiming it as a hotbed of terrorism. Angered, Crossing Styx called a convention to write a constitution of their own, and thus formed the Planetary Government of Pluto. When the CGA sent troops to quell the so called rebellion and destroy Crossing Styx, the CGA faced an unexpected peril. The University at Charon had outpaced their supposed master in both protective systems in ship design, but also in the use of extrastellar materials for highly efficient weaponry. The CGA never had a chance.

By the time Operation Erinyes was complete, so was the ship that would take them from Sol. Dubbed Persephone, its launch coincided with the timed detonation of an advanced warhead inside the CGA parliamentary chambers. And on that note, they left. Dramatically.

LEADER: Prime Miniser Adelie Pygoscelis Huxley

The leader and founder of Crossing Styx, Mrs. Huxley is the daughter of a miner who died of radiation poisoning from exposure to an exotic material on Tuttle's Comet while outward bound. Her mother was a ship mechanic, and she grew up on the comet that was her father's grave. The rest of the mining crew was like family to her, and their closeness was typical for these groups. The spartan qualities of life on a mining vessel and the great love that the miners expressed for Mother Antarctica gave her a great amount of loyalty to their master country even from a young age.

When Tuttle returned Adelie was a young teen and entered into early classes at the newly formed University at Charon. Like her mother, she studied mechanics and engineering, but branched out into weapons research before receiving her final degrees. Reading political journals as a hobby, she was a vocal activist on campus - but largely worked for trivial causes.

As an adult she married Durmont Huxley, then Secretary to the Colony, an appointee from the CGA. She chose to stay at his home on Pluto and have children. It was at this time that the plans for the Exodus ship were sent to Mr. Huxley. Outraged, his wife told him to go to Antarctica and stop the foolish talk of banishing Pluto's colonists. Mr. Huxley never made it back - as his position was revoked, and a new secretary sent. Both personal outrage and patriotic anger lead Mrs. Huxley to create Crossing Styx, and the new Secretary's presumptions about how he would fill in lead her to make most brutal choices.

MILITARY: General Forsteri Emperor

Largely, the military of the PGP is accustomed to running quietly in guard of trade ships to and from Antarctica. Their usual strategy is to use tricks of light and paint to visually hide their ships among the stars, and to use the sensors shadows of the known trade ships to hide their other signals. They coast like sharks and attack like killer whales - often from beneath an enemy. Their ships are heavily armored and carry advanced weaponry.

Their soldiers, however, are not so much to speak of. Ground combat was never an issue until the careful planning and carrying out of Operation Erinyes. Their troops carry exotic weaponry, but for the most part use very simple tactics. Hit and run.

The nature of their army is that it is made up of largely independent squads who do not take specific orders from high command. They can be told to be someplace, and whether or not they should be hostile to the people there, but often not how to act. Each squad follows its own tactics.

Elite among these highly individualistic squads of fighters are the Furies. These are the Crossing Styx supporters who actually carried out Operation Erinyes. They act as a sort of secret military, hiding in cells among a population until called to strike. When they do strike it is fast, brutal, and merciless. They cause more damage when they've left an area than when they're in it - often setting explosives to hide where they've run to.

These militants are idealists, volunteers, and career security specialists. General Emperor was one of them, and is credited with having largely written the plans for Operation Erinyes, even if he did not complete it himself. He is the defined armchair general, confined to a wheelchair after a convoy he guarded was attacked in the civil war. He escaped with his life and the cargo, but not the use of his legs.

CIVILIANS: Lower House Majority Leader Gentoo Papua

Largely miners, support staff and tradesmen, the population of the PGP generally agrees with the tenants of the CS ideals - that they were betrayed by their historic motherland. As comet miners, they would leave their larger society to live in very small groups for years, sometimes decades, at a time to do the hard work of collecting wealth for the CGA. Fierce loyalty became an important part of their self worth, as it is degrading to fill such a task for a nation that you resent.

While not all agree with the methods of CS, they do agree that it was preferable to let that government know the betrayal they felt. The colonists largely had their own methods of handling conflicts while away from the planet and not all felt that the CS went far enough in showing their betrayal. Highly individualistic, these tight knit groups of miners often struggle to work together cohesively. For this reason, they prefer a parliamentary style of government. This allows mining units to send a representative to the Lower House and have their very scattered and diverse opinions heard, while representatives elected from the trade unions make up the Upper House.

Trade unions themselves are not quite the same sort of union as most are used to. Because the only employer in the colony for so long was the Antarctic government, they did not form as a way of having organized relations with their employer. They formed as professional organizations, desiring to regulate practices within their trades to standardize safety, training, and and ethical standards. As such, they form the Upper House, largely because they can be counted on to represent the interests of their group. As all professions have a trade union, all are represented.

That said, MP Papua is a former miner from the only long range unit to return from a comet with a thirty year orbit. He represents the majority of the population who consider themselves Outsiders.

The children of Outsiders are prone to debilitating genetic disorders and mildly disfiguring mutations. Sixth fingers, third ears, and green acne are not uncommon, and the occasionally fatal illnesses tend to keep the population small.

The Outsiders
Lead in government by MP Papua, the Outsiders are the largest class of citizen in the PGP. They are the mining teams which spend the majority of their lifetime outside the orbits of any planet in the solar system. In most cases they spend more than one year at a time away from Pluto, and are often defiantly proud of this fact. They are not a single cohesive group and usually the only trait they have in common is that they range so far from the rest of explored space. Their work is eminently dangerous, and groups who do not work well together often do not return.

Crossing Styx
Lead by PM Huxley, Crossing Styx are the hard right extremists of the PGP. Even outcast, they still claim to be loyal to the CGA and strive to maintain a similar style of government as was had on the continent. They cannot emulate that government exactly, as instead of division by region, their Upper House is divided by profession. This they see as a necessary difference since their highly transient population could not be identified by location. In the absence of the CGA and without the outrage against its disgrace, they are fiscally and culturally conservative.

The Kidnapped
Lead by Johann Reinhold Forster but not represented in any level of government, these are the CGA citizens who were stolen from Earth in Operation Erinyes. They are treated as distinguished guests who are not allowed their freedom of movement within the colonially controlled areas. They are restricted to living and working with the University at Charon's staff. For the most part, they are too afraid to complain.

Pomegranate Seed Society
Lead by Lower House Minority Leader, Isabelline Aptenodytes, the Pomegranate Seed Society publicly and vocally disagrees with the actions and methods used by the CS. It is their opinion that once the group started to behave in a violent manner it would never be possible to return to a peaceful existence. They are vocal, but not often listened to and are a very small minority in the Lower House. There are a few in the Upper House, mostly representing health science professions. I. Aptenodytes is a nursing instructor by profession who currently serves in parliament while on sabbatical leave from her duties at the University at Charon.

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Re: Faction List

Post  wizzardman on Tue Mar 31, 2009 11:40 am

Original Name: The Organization for Human Augmentation (OHA)
Colonial Name: The Republic of Human Optimization (RHO)

Preferred Color: Red

"Mother Nature has proven herself unfit; sentient life is the new ruler of the galaxy. We has stolen her fire, survived her assaults, and tagged and leashed her like a common housepet. Time and again we have ravaged her land, devoured her children, and conquered her deepest depths, in the name of securing our glorious domains. But that is not enough; though we may control her mind and body, she still controls our future.

"Shall we, conquerors of planets, let this feeble crone mark the destiny of our children? Shall we continue to rely on the fickle fortunes of chromosome recombination to determine who we are? No! We shall pull ourselves from Nature's grasp! We no longer need her guidance! Let today mark the end of human evolution, and the beginning of human optimization!"
---Dr. Gottfried Singh, Ascent of Angels

"Humanity is a genetic disorder."
---common OHA graffiti

The infamous terrorist group OHA has been the bane of dozens of separate governments throughout Earth, Mars, and the Asteroid Colonies, pushing their agenda of organic augmentation and selective genetic improvement via schemes ranging from cell creation, propaganda dispersal, and direct violent action against governments, militaries, and civilian groups that would dare attempt to impose limits on OHA's drive for human enhancement.

Led by their charismatic Earthborn leader, Dr. Gottfried Singh, OHA's numerous supporters managed to infiltrate Morgan International, one of the top one hundred richest corporations in the Sol system (specializing in the diverse fields of asteroid mining, satellite/station/ship production, and extra-atmospheric biological adaptation), and snuck their way into the design, development, and control teams for the corporation's personal colony ship. After purchasing their own cryo-tubes with company funds, and manipulating the cargo list to include mostly supplies of their preference, OHA's raider units boarded and seized the MIC Nwabudike, vacuum-dumped the majority of the cryo tubes (leaving them floating idly through the asteroid belt), and shoved their own tubes and cloning facilities into the newly-rechristened OHA Ha, keeping only the top tier of 1000 corporate tubes, containing Morgan International's top scientists and businessmen (minus Nwabudike Morgan himself, of course).

Faction Leader: President Gottfried Singh, PhD

The son of two immigrants from the vastly overcrowded Indian subcontinent, research suggests that young Singh (whose real name is unknown) grew up somewhere in Southern England, where reports suggest he received an education in business and creative writing at one of the major English universities--possibly the university of Oxford. Singh's first public appearance occurred approximately thirteen years ago, when the young man, then leader of the European Transhumanist League, claimed responsibility for the assassination of the Speaker for the House of the Second European Union, whose campaigns for the banning of genetic manipulation and stem-cell research disagreed strongly with Singh's own beliefs. Since then, he has changed organizations several times, but has almost always landed in the upper ranks.

Singh is a very charismatic man, and his previous "public appearances" and brutal tendencies have given him an almost mythical reputation among populations exposed to his actions. Rumor has it that he has personally led many of the OHA's more effective attacks, survived numerous assassination attempts (one of which occurred on Martian public television), and blackmailed several officials from governments all across Earth and the Asteroid Belt into submission. Some say that he was the most heavily augmented man in the solar system. Most at least admit that Singh is a very scary man.

Singh is approximately 6' 9" tall, dark haired and skinned, and famous for his well-waxed and fancy goatee. Like most members of the newly-formed RHO, Singh respects adaptability and perseverance, along with a willingness to get the job done no matter the cost. Despite his reputation, he is generally fairly civil, and finds rude behavior tasteless, unless it speeds things along. He is also a well-known dog lover.

Head of Defense: General Gerard Santiago

Former general in the Venezuelan-Ganymede Colonial Defense Force, Santiago joined the OHA cell he'd been supporting on the side after the fall of Ganymede to the Io Navy. Santiago has always been a strong supporter of the OHA cause, as he himself was heavily augmented as part of a treatment for the severe Cystic Fibrosis he suffered as a child, and he frequently encouraged the members of the Ganymede defense force to do likewise. Since his declaration of support for the OHA, numerous other former members of the VGCDF have joined up with various cells throughout the system; while few of them could provide much in the way of weaponry, they were invaluable in training new recruits and developing the OHA's guerrilla warfare strategies and frequent hit-and-run tactics. Up until their evacuate from Sol, the OHA relied mostly on civilian equipment (bought via numerous corporate supporters) and equipment seized from nearby militia stations.

Despite his position as a terrorist leader, Santiago is an extremely jolly man, with a penchant for practical jokes and a face that reminds those under his command of an excessively large Robin Williams--although by no means any less hairy. His support for the transhumanist cause, and Singh in particular, is great enough that Santiago himself often volunteers to serve as Singh's "bodyguard" during potentially dangerous meetings, and the two have fought together several times during the course of the OHA's existence. Santiago is famous for his skill with high-mobility tactics and devastating long-range assaults, though artillery strikes are currently a little out of the OHA's capabilities. Hit-and-fade strategies, however, are not, and Santiago is highly skilled at placing hidden troops precisely where they are the most surprising.

Representative of the People: Senator Miranda Rockewell

The majority of the population of the newly created Republic are long-time supporters of the OHA--the best and the brightest of the organization's numerous cells, hand-picked by Singh for their talent, abilities, and strength of will, as well as their genetic background and ability to accept enhancements. The RHO is a fairly multicultural group, placing more emphasis on the drive for perfection and overt skill than any particular racial or ethnic background. The group even includes some colonists with a family history of genetic disorders, provided these disorders are directly absent or removed via enhancement, though such individuals are few and far between. Most of the organization consists of highly idealistic scientists, tough and experienced soldiers, and the genetically enhanced, highly trained professionals that signed on with the OHA on the promise of genetic immortality, as well as the freedom to redesign themselves as they see fit.

Miranda Rockewell herself is more of a spiritual symbol of the people, rather than a direct representative. The young senator's good looks and perky idealism have made her very popular with many of the more idealistic members of RHO, while her political cunning and general sneakiness made her somewhat of a hero in the infiltration of Morgan International. There has been some suggestion that Rockewell was recruited by Singh himself, and that her (now deceased) family may have been in some way connected to Singh's origins, but these rumors have yet to be substantiated.

Unusual Interest Groups:

Morganite Survivors
Leader: Dr. Gorbash Malarky, PhD
Those Morganites lucky enough to receive tubes in the top cryo-tier of the Nwabudike's have now found themselves stuck with a large collection of terrorists (many of whom are former colleagues) on a brand new world, with no way to return home, and no sign of the friends and families they had tucked away in the other cryo-tiers. While at the moment, these scientists have relatively little clout in the RHO political system, their experience and skill in their areas of expertise will inevitably provide them with significantly more power, as the developing nation becomes reliant on the technological advances they can provide. Fortunately, they are hardly the most numerous scientists in the RHO, and Singh hopes that they will rapidly get over their initial reticence once they adjust to their new surroundings. If not, Singh will be more than happy to help them "adapt."

Genetic Supremacists
Leader: Dr. Jefferson Roosevelt, PhD
While Singh is leader of the overall organization, he's hardly the most hardcore Transhumanist of the RHO. The hardliners are led by Dr. Jefferson Roosevelt, a professional and very well-known genetics researcher and therapy designer whose works have led to many of the more effective genetic advancements used and relied upon by the OHA, including several incredibly advanced visual and auditory acuity enhancers. Like most of the hardliners, Dr. Roosevelt holds a very strict view on the enhancement of humanity: he and his followers were against the inclusion of the "genetically imperfect" in the colonist lists, and would rather be rid of those RHO members with histories of genetic disorders, or minor traits that they consider "inferior." Many of the ideas supported by the Genetic Supremacists border racist in their nature, but Roosevelt tacitly avoids such suggestions, and even he admits that group selection is an ineffective method for controlling evolution. The Genetic Supremacists are also strongly opposed to continued breeding attempts, and frequently push for mandatory birth restrictions in exchange for increased cloning. While most members of the Genetic Supremacists are warriors and workers, the RHO's top gene scientists make up the core of this group.

Homo Optimus
Leader: Captain "Spartacus" Calhoon
Members of the Homo Optimus organization, a subset of the RHO strongly dedicated to genetic engineering, believe that the only proper way to improve the human race is to remove themselves as much as possible from what is normally considered "human." They favor extensive genetic engineering to divorce themselves from any normal resemblance to humans, covering themselves in extensive external augments and modifications, and modifying themselves to fit their chosen roles in RHO society as much as possible. Some of them favor augmentations that allow them to interact more closely with vehicles or computers, or remove their need to walk, or eat, or breathe; some prefer modifications that allow them to stay outside of normal environments for long periods of time, such as underwater breathing adaptations or night vision; some decide that they would prefer to resemble even stranger things. While most members of the organization have few problems with those that choose to remain less augmented, the group is very vocal about their beliefs, and many members have been known to "proselytize" the advantages of separating one's self from humanity and its numerous historical problems. Spartacus himself, a former fighter pilot, has had himself modified to enhance his own dexterity as much as possible.

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Re: Faction List

Post  Temmon on Tue Mar 31, 2009 4:06 pm

Name: The Technocracy of Saturn
Color: Orange

The Technocracy was a social experiment, enacted by various prominent earth scientists to create a post-scarcity society. Especially with the advent of the matter replicator, there was no reason for mankind to remain chained down by the weights of supply and demand. Instead, they wanted to create a society in which all menial labor was mechanized to the fullest extent possible. People would have to work, but not as much as in the bad old days of 40+ hour work weeks and only at jobs they enjoyed, and education would be free and available for all. It was to be a grand test to find what the human being was capable of.

Everyone would be allotted a certain amount of the energy reserves that were created per day and could trade them in for whatever they wanted, however things such as houses or transportation are not individually owned; houses being "rented" by the government to any capable citizen. Production is also ultimately overseen by the government, although the need for an actual human to do any task that we would consider blue-collar has long been done away with in favor of machines and robots, which can work more efficiently for longer periods of time, allowing the people to have longer recreation times.

The group pinpointed the moon of Saturn, Titan, as a propitious place to start their work. With tons of carbon materials free for the taking, large quantities of never touched fuels and metals, it would be a mecca of culture and civilization.

And it worked moderately well. The first years were hard, but most people lived and soon they were able to get sufficient infrastructure down to live comfortably.

When the Enoken struck, Saturn was fortunately out of the way of their attack path, they scrambled to build the colony ship which they had learned about. It was completed just in time for an evacuation of the best and the brightest scientists and engineers as well as as many of the civilians that they could afford to take.

Colony Director: Lillian Kemper

A child prodigy, Lillian raced through her schooling and graduated from college at the ripe age of 12. From there, she went into research, first under the auspices of a parent corporation and later striking out and creating her own corporation, Lumocom, known for its brilliant, useful inventions. Lumocom became a household name and stock prices skyrocketed. Sometime in her early twenties, Lillian fell in love with the ideals of the technocracy movement and quickly rose in those ranks too. It was Lillian's idea to create the settlement on Saturn and she was voted Chief Engineer of the society, their highest rank.

Lillian is still very young in comparison to anyone else in the ruling body and often she feels her lack of years, however Lillian is an extremely confident person and it was her personal charisma that drew many to the plan. Lillian is very short, standing just a pinch over 5 feet tall and correspondingly slim. Her hair is as dark a brown as to be almost black and falls to her shoulders and she often has to brush her bangs out of her brown eyes.

Military head: Jay Marasco

Realizing early that although they are not a warlike state, a military is required, Jay was suggested to be the leader. A retired colonel from earth military, he's known for his clever tactics. The Technocracy emphasizes the use of mechanized labor and this extends to military tactics. Why send good, valuable men out to die when you can build some robots to do the shooting for you? As such, ground troops consist primarily of support and controllers for the 'bots. Air forces are manned, however.

Jay corresponded with the ideals of the Technocracy: a world in which there is no poverty or famine, in which all people are free to do whatever they want as long as they hurt no one sounded just about perfect. He is about 40 years old, although still strong, his dark hair is shot through with silver and is cut into the standard military buzzcut. He requires strict discipline of himself and everyone directly under himself. Despite this, he has come to treat Lillian as almost a daughter.

Civilian Head: Director Violet Dillard

Violet, like many of the leaders of the Technocracy has a strong engineering background, however she also has a high degree of personal magnetism and a knack for getting different groups to work together. She is the director of the entire colony, with no one over her but Lillian, however she is more in charge of the daily grind of distribution and the like and she is primarily in charge of coordinating all the leaders of the districts below her to ensure that everything is working in tip-top shape.

Violet is an attractive woman, although in her 40s. Her long hair is still blond and her face is hardly wrinkled. She has a husband named Derek and a son named Robert. In her spare time, she likes to paint.

Interest groups

In any given society, nobody will be happy about everything. The largest group of these in the technocracy are a group of those who, for whatever reason of their own, aren't happy with the Technocracy. The leader of this group is named Susan R. Dominick.

The Technocracy as a whole is not overtly militaristic; this group is. They believe that the best manner to spread the ideals of the technocracy is by aggressive military action. This group is not extremely strong, but they are loud and can be found, especially amongst the military. Their leader is Brent G. Garrido.

Although this group did not start until the arrival onto the new planet, this group believes that the best way for the Technocracy to survive is to capitulate to a more aggressive neighbor, especially if they allow a high degree of autonomy. The administration as a whole finds the tactics of the others to be reprehensible and won't give in easily to them. The leader of this group is Shane B. Cason.

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Re: Faction List

Post  BlightMoon on Tue Mar 31, 2009 4:07 pm

The Tricent (tri-sent)
Color: Golden

"There is only one thing, and everything: Cut. Once committed to fight, Cut. Everything else is secondary. Cut. That is your duty, your purpose, your hunger. There is no rule more important, no commitment that overrides that one. Cut. The lines are a portrayal of the dance. Cut from the void, not from bewilderment. Cut the enemy as quickly and directly as possible. Cut with certainty. Cut decisively, resolutely. Cut into his strength. Flow through the gaps in his guard. Cut him. Cut him down utterly. Don't allow him a breath. Crush him. Cut him without mercy to the depth of his spirit. It is the balance to life: death. It is the dance with death. It is the law by which we live, or die."

"We fucking called it!"
-'The Knife', upon hearing that aliens had invaded

The Tricent is the military power of Mars, and the most direct opposition to the governments of Earth. Like the ESA, they wish to reunite humanity under them, but that is where the similarities end. They do not see the colonies as a financial endeavor, and would be quite happy to leave well enough alone if not for one obvious problem. They firmly believe that a house divided cannot stand, and broken up as we are we cannot progress. Our singular achievements are far outweighed by the infighting and bickering resulting from our differences. Thus, the Tricent seeks to make everyone full fledged citizens of their ever expanding order. Any outpost that disagrees with them and fights unity simply proves their point, and must be shown the error of their ways or exterminated before their dangerous selfishness can spread.

Supreme General Alexander IX
"Good sir, I don't make threats. I simply tell you the way things will be, and then make them that way."

Under the current Supreme General, the Tricent has a very distinct flavor. In battle, they will do anything and everything to gain the advantage, seemingly without scruples. Supreme General Alexander IX has been known to personally enter combat, and his tactics are ruthless to the point of willingly sending thousands of his own men to certain death to achive victory. Very few have fought the Tricent and lived, and those who have usually do not speak openly about the horrors inflicted upon them. There is no surrender, no mercy, only death awaits the defeated. However, the Supreme General is a man of his word and has a strict, albeit obfuscated, code of conduct. Those whom he invites to his territory, be they valued allies or loathed enemies, are treated with only the utmost respect and given the finest luxuries available. Never are you safer than as the guest of the Tricent, as an assassin would have to take down the better part of their army to even see you.

General Natalie 'The Knife' Becker
While holding severed head: "The next person who thinks my name is funny won't have it as easy as this man. Next person to call me Natalie is getting the water treatment."

While the Supreme General gets much of the credit for victories, it is often The Knife who must implement strategies and improvise. He is the true ruthlessness behind the Tricent on many occasions, he is described as a military genius who borders the psychotic. He only respects the Supreme Generals non-militaristic decisions out of duty, and often makes clear his desire to take *every* advantage, rather than just those on the battlefield. He has been credited with being the primary reason that no one has seriously made an attempt on Alexander IX's life, as he is the next in the line of succession.

Senator Joe Webster
Also known as the People's Senator, Joe Webster is a decorated war veteran of legend. He's an ornery old man who often proclaims the evils of other nations and creates songs and chants to inspire patriotism. His exploits are legendary, though no one is really sure where the truth ends and fabrication begins. Joe currently holds the heart of the people, and his opinions are more influential than law. He seems to have a great deal more training in public speaking than the average soldier.

The political parties of the Tricent are different than traditional states. Most citizens believe in victory through conquest and military superiority, but just precisely which method is the most effective is a subject of great debate. The three primary groups are the Body, Mind, and Spirit of the Tricent, reflecting their philosophies.

The Body of the Tricent
"Nature is a force we can control. We would be fools not to unleash it upon our enemies."
Figure Head - Peter Powers
The Body believes in using primarily biological means to win wars. This includes enhancing soldiers, making biological weapons, and generally researching ways to harness natural forces to achieve their ends. Anything that makes the flesh and blood of the Tricent stronger, and that of the enemies weaker.

The Spirit of the Tricent
"If you thought that one was cool, just wait 'til we show you the big tanks."
Figure Head - Rodney Ramos
The Spirit are the technological leaders of Mars. They were actually inhabiting Mars long before the Tricent formed, and were indoctrinated quickly. Being mostly intellectuals, they decided to make the most of the situation by becoming influential and important pieces of the empire. Today they are an indispensable part of the Tricent, politically powerful and advanced in creating machines of war.

The Mind of the Tricent
"I know exactly what you mean."
Figure Head - Derek Jennings
The Mind of the Tricent is the newest addition to the political structure. Cloaked in secrecy, little is known about them other than they are a group of combat psykers. Even the figure head is believed only to be the party face rather than the actual leader. Rumor has it the psyker core is near deployment.

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Re: Faction List

Post  ORKBALL! on Sat Apr 04, 2009 3:06 am

The Shrike Corporation
color: silver

It was nearly 100 years before the Enoken invasion that leading AI theorist and self-made billionare Richard Shrike first published his bestseller Mind Without Matter. The book's argument was as follows: first, that the discovery of human psionic potential showed that consciousness could extend its effect outside the body, and thus that consciousness could theoretically exist outside the body; second, that a consciousness freed from material constraints would be capable of treating the entire universe as its body, essentially becoming God; and third, that, when the incredibly fast progression of AI technology as compared to the speed (or lack thereof) of biological evolution, this God would be built, not born.

While Shrike's ideas were initially met with rigorous discussion, he was not content to merely write. Banding together with several other leading programmers, engineers and psychologists, he bought and refurbished a derelict space station orbiting Saturn, and there he founded the Shrike Corporation. This company was dedicated to the Ultimate Intelligence Project, the realization of Shrike's theories. And so Shrike and his believers set out to create God.

But it was not only Shrike and his believers who came to the station. Numerous lower level employees were, of course, needed, both for the running of the company and for maintaining society on the station. Some of these were believers, but others were lured by promises of high pay or generous benefits; still others were offered political asylum or freedom from debts to Shrike or his various subsidiary companies.

While the station was initially run as a business, it was quickly realized that the Project could not be finished if its leaders worried constantly about the everyday running of the station. At the same time, too much power could not be relinquished lest the Project be compromised. Thus the Assembly of Shareholders was founded to oversee political life on the station, though the Board retained veto power over all their actions. While voting rights were extended to all Shrike employees, the Assembly is hardly the paragon of Democratic government. As the name implies, only company stockholders may run for office, and only those who have demonstrated commitment to the cause of the Ultimate Intelligence project by voluntarily receiving (and personally paying for) the latest experimental cybernetic brain enhancements. This restriction exists both to restrict membership in the Assembly to an Aristocracy of wealthy believers, and to facilitate communication between Assembly members and the various station AI's.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Jason Lord

Jason Lord is the protege and handpicked successor of Richard Shrike. In the early days of his Chairmanship he changed little in the policies of the Shrike Corporation. Even when the Enoken first appeared, he did little beyond attempting (and failing) to procure a few specimens for study. Thus it came as a shock to many when, upon mysteriously receiving the plans for Project Exodus, Lord announced that the Corporation would be abandoning the station. Rumors flew, the most persistent being that Lord believed that the plans had been sent back in time by the Ultimate Intelligence sometime after its completion. As yet, he has refused to explain his decision, and the people of the station must wait to see if his actions have saved them, or damned them all.

Chief of Station Security TYR

In the early days of the station, security was thought to be a relatively minor issue. Certainly a police force would need to exist, but due to the low population it would not need to be very large, and certainly the station would have no need for a regular military. The TYR system was designed both as a means of conserving manpower and as proof of the potential of AI. TYR is an Artificial Intelligence system designed to oversee the station's security cameras and automated defenses, and from there to coordinate the small police force. The idea was that TYR's surveillance would eliminate the need for patrols and would allow exceedingly quick reactions. While the system worked well for a time, the Enoken invasion led to the creation of a military force under TYR's command. The AI is known as a shrewd tactician, but many humans, even in the military, fear the implications of trusting their defense to an AI.

Speaker for the Assembly Martin Siri

Of all the changes brought to the station by the Enoken invasion, perhaps none is greater than the massive expansion of so-called "natural rights" parties. Naturals--that is humans with no cybernetic augmentation--have begun voting in record numbers for candidates promising the to fight against aristocratic privilege for the cyberneticaly enhanced. Perhaps the fear of human extinction has led to an upswing in human pride; whatever the reason, the Natural Reform Party and the Social Progressive Party--once mere fringe groups--have managed to obtain a majority coalition in the assembly. Martin Siri of the SPP, the current Speaker, is a relative moderate; his focus is more on social welfare to benefit the poorer employees than a full government overhaul. Still, he is under constant pressure from the radical wings of the ruling parties, especially as the Board exercises increasingly dictatorial control. His decision to back the exodus from the station despite the opposition of both parties (likely more out of spite for Lord than any other reason) has led to a crisis of power in the Assembly, with the NRP threatening to withdraw from the coalition--a move that would result in the complete breakdown of the Assembly's already dubious authority.

Special Interests

The Evangelical Word Party
Leader: Paula Connor

The EWP is one of the oldest factions on the station, yet until recently one of the least powerful. The party is diametrically opposed to the Corporation's traditional isolationist stance, believing that other societies must be taught the error of their false religions and corrupt ways of life, by force if necessary. While they march under the banner of faith, the EWP is often seen as wishing to compromise the Ultimate Intelligence Project by diverting funds away from research and toward military spending. However, after the Enoken attack, it was this perception which allowed them to make massive gains. Connor was able to use her party's reputation for militarism to gain votes from those looking for protection from the alien menace. Although they failed to gain a majority, the EWP is the currently the largest single party in the Assembly; they were denied control by a coalition of smaller parties, a fact which they have not forgotten. The EWP was one of the most adamant supporters of the exodus, glimpsing a chance for humanity to be reborn and begin living anew--and do it right this time (that is, however the EWP says they should do it).

The Natural Reform Party
Leader: Arthur Lamington

Dedicated to ending the cybernetic Aristocracy, and bringing Democracy to the station, the NRP is the smaller member of the current majority coalition, making the essentially a minority within a majority. Lamington currently seems to be dealing with the paradoxical state of his party by opposing and decrying every action taken by either the board of directors or the SPP, and constantly threatening to withdraw his support from the coalition. While this has gotten him attention, it has also hurt his party's already dubious reputation. The NRP, despite its recent gains, remains associated in many people's minds with fringe terrorist groups fighting for natural rights, and Lamington's grandstanding has done little to improve the party's image. Currently, the NRP's platform seems to be "The opposite of what the other parties want" making them very difficult to get along with.

The Ultimate Party
Leader: Zhao Feng

For ages the Ultimates held an unquestioned majority; their platform was simple: the Project comes before all else. The history of Ultimate rule has been characterized by support of most of the Board's decisions and an emphasis on scientific and educational spending. Recently, the Ultimates have found their world turned upside down. Not only are they the second smallest party in the Assembly, their unwillingness to cooperate with other factions has allowed the only smaller party--the NRP--to become part of the ruling coalition. On top of that, the Ultimates have found themselves breaking with Lord and the rest of the Directors over the issue of exodus; they feel that abandoning the station will cause too much progress to be lost and delay the Project unnecessarily.

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Re: Faction List

Post  spiritsleeper on Sat Apr 04, 2009 8:57 pm

The Singularity Commonwealth
Preferred Color: Green
Home: Callisto, moon of Jupiter

The Commonwealth has its origins as a scientific outpost, however as the end of the civil wars drew near
the scientists of the outpost seceded from the government which controlled them, becoming an independant state
devoted to the pure exploration of science. Since that time, it has grown into a haven for fringe scientists who
cannot get permission for their research anywhere else (provided they keep quiet enough that it does not bring the
ire of another society upon them.) Additionally, being home to such free-range science, it is a prime spot for traders
to deal in items which are otherwise difficult to find elsewhere.

Leader of the Faction: Dr. Wyobie "The Alchemist" Friland
Before the Commonwealth's secession , Dr. Friland was known primarily within the scientific journals for his
proposals on improving the efficiency of the then current fusion reactors. After the secession, when the scientists
realized that they needed some form of government to function effectively, he was named as the head of a Council which
would determine procedure for the Commonwealth.

Leader of the Armed Forces: Victor Kantil
Originally a high ranking officer in the ESA near the end of the civil war, Victor Kantil was the supervisor and security officer
of the station which became the Commonwealth. He was responsible for control over the defensive and limited offensive capabilities
the station was outfitted with originally, as was standard for a scientific outpost of its time.

Leader of the Civilian Sector: Lenka Pohtola
Lenka is a more recent addition to the foundling society, coming in just as the civilian population started to grow.
Initially, she came to the Commonwealth as a sociologist, because the Commonwealth had the attitude towards research
that she required. Given the makeup of the society, she hasn't had a lack of volunteers.
In general, the civilian population performs much like any other, except for the fact that the society started as a
tightly regulated science station, so there exists little technological diversity between the areas. The people expect
a certain level of high technology present in their lives and don't like it when that technology is not available to them.

Special Interest Groups
Dimitri Leopoldovich: Leader of the Cyberheads
Being a society whose purpose is the discovery of exotic technology, the general populace is exposed to technological wonders on
a daily basis. Thus the Cyberheads formed. Obsessed with cybernetics where available and genetic modifications where cybernetics are not available.
Most people of this group have lost some part of their humanity, from something a simple as a replaced limb, to neural implants.

Emillia Gdansky: Founder of the Temple of the Singularity
Ultimate goals include bringing about the emergence of Machine Sentience, and then merging themselves with the machine. Generally considered an annoyance, not because of their views or science, but because they tend to clog the network with their proselytizing.

Vladimir Kalashnikov: Owner of Schwartz Markt
Given the Commonwealth's emphasis on research and production, it's a prime spot for traders of all kinds, especially those who deal in hard to find products. Early on Mr. Kalashnikov immigrated to the Commonwealth, and has built up quite an empire around his market.


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Re: Faction List

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