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Free World Radio

Post  Siggmund on Wed Apr 15, 2009 3:26 pm

Broadcasting across the lands of the Irregulars comes the booming voice of freedom, powerful enough to break through the fierce magnetics and atmosphere. Its range reaches deep; as of now, it can only be heard in the lands of the Irregulars, the Singularity Commonwealth, and the Shrike Corporation, who cannot yet respond, but It's a powerful start. And the message reads...


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Re: Free World Radio

Post  Leethar on Wed Apr 15, 2009 3:41 pm

For the first few days, the broadcasts are simple Morse code:

- · - · -

Repeating. Those that know the old code language recognize it as code for "Starting Signal"

A few days later, this broadcast: an unknown voice.

"Hello, World. Seeing as that's all we know it as right know, that's where we are. The World. As such, well. Welcome to Free World Radio. That name says it all, pretty much: The first free broadcast of a Brave New World. Let's all hope it turns out better than Huxley, huh?"

"Well, I saw the vapor trails myself, so I'm pretty sure someone's picking this up. Odds are also that you can't answer back to this, or someone would have already. So here we go, first to say 'Hello.' I'm Leaky, your fine new fancy host. I'm broadcasting from the territory of Randstadt's Irregulars. I know, I know, anyone who knows who we are is going 'Oh, shit, right-wing militia extremist terrorists!' but, no, don't worry, that's only Colin. Just kidding, Colin. Don't hurt me"

"Anyway, rumors of our psychopathy are greatly exaggerated. Get on the horn, we'll dispel any myths. Speaking of which: I have here, in my wonderful defragged data drives, the plans for an Extended Range Broadcast Tower. Turns out, adapting our stuff from Venusian atmosphere to this crap wasn't really all that hard. Stay on the line, and I'll recite some plans. Oh, by the way, the channel for official Irregulars use is W69ZZ. Ask for Randstadt. This channel here is personal."

"Oh, and if anyone has music saved, please, give me a broadcast. My collection got decimated by that damned VI. I only have what was on my personal data drives, and what people here make themselves. It's quite a mish-mash, but hey, can't be too choosy when there's only one channel, right?"

"Anyway, to those plans... I'd get a pencil and some paper out. This is gonna take a while."

Anyone who listens in can now build Enhanced Range Comms Towers. Ask Schulze for details.


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