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Military Equipment

Post  Siggmund on Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:54 pm

Alright, so I bet you're wondering what all those shotguns lying around in your hull actually DO. Well, lemme tell you what.

Mustering a unit only gives you the actual warm bodies that do the fighting: to get anything worthwhile out of them, you'll need to put guns in their hands, armor on their backs, and, occasionally, car seats under their butts. A single Unit of weaponry will equip a single military unit of regular size: large and huge size units require 2 and 4 units of equipment, respectively.

Since the crash, all of your equipment has become more or less standardized: if there are some standout elements, there aren't enough of them to make a difference(unless your heroes are carrying them). Therefore, all weapons of a same type have the same stats... well, until your scientists get their hands on it, that is.

Weapons have most of the stats they normally do in D20 modern. However, at this stage, they are all ballistic type, all have a critical of 20/x2, and Purchase DC? Please.
So, we concern ourselves with damage, range, RoF, Magazine, Size, and Weight.

  • Damage: Working damage into the Military rules is a little more complicated than anything else: Only a little, though.
    To determine how many hits of damage a weapon does on a successful attack, Add together the lowest damage it can do to the highest damage it can do, and divide by 10. Then, round down to the nearest .5 .
    So, for example, a 2d6 pistol has min 2, max 12 damage, so 14/10 = 1.4, rounded down to 1.
    A 2d8 shotgun, on the other hand, has min 2, max 16 damage, so 18/10 = 1.8, rounded down to 1.5 hits of damage.

  • Range: Divide range by 5 in order to get the squares for range increment. A weapon's maximum range is 5 range increments: each range increment beyond the first incurs a -2 penatly to hit.

  • RoF: This is unchanged: however, take this into account for feats like double-tap, burst fire, etc. Also take this into account for ammunition expended when using these abilities.

  • Magazine: An important limiting factor. Combat turns happen over the course of a minute: it is assumed that a unit that attacks is blasting away at its own measured pace. As such, divide the magazine by 10 to get Shots. A unit firing normally expends one shot per attack. A unit double-tapping expends 2 shots per attack. A unit burst firing expends 5 shots per attack. A unit Auto-firing expends 10 shots.

  • Size: Unchanged.

  • Weight: Divide by 5 to determine Weight units. Divide a Unit's carrying capacity by five(Round down) to determine Carrying Capacity.

Sidearms: Damage Range RoF Mag Size Weight
Basic 2d6 20 ft. S 20 box Small 5 lb.

Basic 2d8 30 ft. S 10 int Large 10 lb.
Special: Basic Shotguns have the Point Blank feature.
Point Blank: Shotguns are designed for close up Destruction. If firing at a unit that is within 2 squares of you, the Shotgun receives +2 to damage. However, it receives -2 to damage for every range increment it is fired beyond the first.

Assault Rifles
Basic 2d8 50 ft. S,A 30 box Large 10 lb.

Accurized Rifles
Basic 2d10 100 ft. S 10 box Large 10 lb.
Special: Basic Accurized Rifles have the Accurate feature.
Accurate: If the unit remains stationary, they may receive a +1 to hit when firing an accurized rifle.

Support Weapons: Support weapons are not carried in bulk: Instead, they are designed to represent the capacity of a unit to utilize specialist weapons to achieve their goals.

Basic 2d12 80 ft. A 100 belt Huge 25 lb.
Note: Belts can be linked to form longer chains of ammunition.

Basic 10d6 50 ft. Single 1 int Huge 10 lb.
Note: This may either target a square, or a vehicle-based unit. If targeting a square, half its damage; A successful reflex save (DC 15) will halve this again. If targeting a vehicle, attack as normal, and deal normal damage.

Expendables: Certain weapons are not weapons in their own right, but count instead as ammunition: They do not have a magazine rating, nor a rate of fire, and are expended for every use.
Basic 4d6 10 ft. - - Small - lb.
Note: This weapon targets a square. A Successful DC 15 reflex save will halve damage from it.

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Post  Siggmund on Sat Apr 11, 2009 11:25 pm

Vehicles are a very special kind of equipment. Although you must assign them to a unit as normal, they possess their own AC, HP, and Speed, which replaces that of the unit. In addition, they may modify a Unit's initiative, and provide DR.

To convert DR into DR units, divide by 5.

Ground Vehicles are used with a Drive check: Although normal behavior does not require checks, other, more extravagant maneuvers might. Reference:

Vehicle have one other important thing of note; Equipment Slots. Essentially, it's a measure of how many guns, sensors, etc may be fitted on the vehicle.

Light Ground Vehicle Chassis
Initiative: -2
Handling: -2
Speed: 150
AC: 8
DR: 5
HP: 30
Note: Has one Light Weapon Slot (May mount any Longarm or Support weapon, except grenades)
Note: Has 30 Ammunition Slots(Must be ammo for Light Weapon Slot)

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Soldier Capacities

Post  Siggmund on Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:35 pm

Soldiers can only carry so much in the field: Too much, and they may get bogged down by all the equipment they have to carry.

Soldiers have two concerns in this field: Carrying capacity, and Equipment Slots.

Carrying capacity is dependent on a soldier's strength: Just take the carrying capacity from D20 Modern. A soldier can be encumbered as normal.

However, while adventurers can run around with innumerable shotguns in their pockets as long as they are under weight, your soldiers have no such joy. They can only carry a certain number of guns, ammo, and equipment.
Soldiers have :
One armor slot: They may wear one type of armor.
One Longarm Slot: They may carry one kind of longarm: Shotgun, Assault, or Accurized.
One Sidearm Slot: They may carry one sidearm.
One Support Slot: They may carry one support weapon.

10 Ammunition slots: Within each of these slots, a soldier can carry the spare magazines that make his guns go.
Longarm Magazines take one slot each.
Sidearm Magazines take one slot for two magazines.
Support Magazines take two slot for one magazine.
Expendable weapons take one slot for one weapon. If an expendable weapon is equipped to a squad, multiple slots may be occupied with the same expendable weapon(I.E if unit of grenades are equipped to the squad, then 2 or more ammunition slots may be occupied with another use of grenades.)

A clarification on ammunition: The production run of a given unit of armaments is also assumed to produce the facilities needed to provide a prolonged supply of ammunition. Although a Unit may expend their supply of ammunition, they will by no means expend all the ammo, and may be refitted while in the Factions terraformed area.


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Re: Military Equipment

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