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Alrighty, kids. We've landed our ships. Now it's time to get down to business: The actual way you do stuff. First, and most important, are the various resources you'll be able to eke from this godforsaken dust ball.

There are 7 general types of resources in the game at this point: Food, Carbon, And the minerals:Stone, Partial Use Elements(PUE),Metals, Dense Metals, and Fissionables. Each of these has a cost associated with it, in terms of Fissionables: not only does this give you a rough estimate for going prices in the advent of trade, but this represents how many of this unit you will need in order to convert them into fissionables.

  • Food: Comes from those areas of sparse vegetation, as well as sea squares. Typically abundant for the starting colonies, having enough food should not be a problem to start off with.
    20 units of food are worth 1 Fiss.

  • Carbon: Produced by those foresty-looking areas. Carbon is the basis of much of your day-to-day production: Although frequently minerals will be needed for the production of certain particular items, you can guarantee that at least a little carbon will be needed in anything.
    15 units of carbon are worth 1 Fiss.

Minerals: Minerals is a catch-all term for "Stuff that comes out of the ground." Your mineral deposits may contain some or all of the following minerals:

  • Fissionables: Ever since the advent of clean fission, fissionables have been more or less the gold standard of Sol. Now, here more than ever, Fissionables form the basis of the monetary unit.
    1 unit of Fissionables is worth 1 Fiss.

  • Stone: You can always get stone from a mineral deposit, even one that has been otherwise exhausted. Stone is the, yuk yuk, building block of many construction efforts. Although rarely used in other forms of production, it is essential for the expansion of operations on the planet.
    12 units of Stone are worth 1 Fiss.

  • PUE: Silicone, Calcium, Sodium, Lithium, Chlorine, Xenon.... Call them what you want, but they're the backseat kids to other minerals. They each have their own varied uses, and can be used for them, but they are not so universally important to industry as other elements. Still, their varied purposes do give them a nice profit margin for their relative use.
    10 units of PUE are worth 1 Fiss.

  • Metals: Iron, Aluminum, Chrome: These are the elements that make a modern industrial economy, by possessing the strength, flexibilty, and just right amounts of give to make for long-lasting products.
    10 units of Metals are worth 1 Fiss.

  • Dense Metals: Titanium, Gold, and so on: These rarer metals give an industry the edge it needs to make more advanced and sturdier products than other nations. Their relative rarity, combined with their atomic weight, makes them one of the best finds... except for a pure source of fissionables, that is.
    5 units of Dense Metals are worth 1 Fiss.


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